A Letter From Sam Han

A fter 23 years of working as an aircraft parts buyer at a major airline company, I left and started my own business. My experiences with airlines allow me to understand what they exactly expect from the distributors. Our company will put in our best effort to support and carry out your needs.

With our company philosophy based on honesty and trust, we have earned a glowing reputation from our customers as a reliable and high quality products supplier.  We are a small company but efficient. We move quickly to meet customer’s demands. We strive to not just meet your standards but to go above and beyond your demands and expectations.

We are your one stop source to all your needs for aircraft parts and accessories. We carry NEW and used aircraft parts, accessories, and engines, Low values and high values, anything you need. Our vision at Ascend Aero is to be the most reliable and cost effective solution-oriented and progressive aerospace spare parts and maintenance supplier.

I would like to personally thank you, our clients and partners, who have helped us become the company that we are today, with your continual support throughout the years. Thank you again for your support and let us continue to build the path to the future together as we have in the past.

Thank you.


Our corporate office is located in the city of Valencia, CA, just north of Los Angeles in U.S.A.

High-Image Office/Industrial Condo Unit situated Ascend Aero’s headquarters includes the corporate office, quality control and sales office, and our Inventory Control Center located just north of Los Angeles In California, USA.