Products and Services

  • Our products include hardware and rotables ranging in both low and high values.
  • Some of our distribution includes, but is not limited to: switches, relays, latches, sensors, connectors and many others from the original manufacturer.
  • Beyond our own inventory, we at Ascend Aero can assist customers in locating and supplying hard-to-find parts in all situations, specifically within the AOG and Shop-Work-Stoppage occurrences.

Managed Repair Services

  • Are you Looking for a repair provider who you can count on to save you both money and time?
    • Ascend Aero represents FAA/EASA Approved shops and our network of approved MROs allows us to accomplish exactly what you want at the best prices.

Components Exchange, Leasing and Pooling

  • Do you need an aircraft part, component, engine or APU for short term?
    • Our Leasing and Exchange program at Ascend Aero can help you get exactly what you need for the times you need it.
  • No need to unnecessarily increase your inventory just tell us the component that you need!
  • We will not only find and purchase the item for you, but we will keep the item in our inventory for you exclusively.
  • As soon as the order comes in, we will ship out the exchange item on the same day
  • Our cost of exchange for the first time is:
    • 10% Exchange Charge + the Cost of Repair and Overhaul.
  • From there on, there are no basic charge from 2nd exchange within the contract period.
  • The cost would only be:
    • Repair and Overhaul cost + 10% Handling Charge
  • Please take advantage of our exchange program and let us know of anything that you need for short term so that we are able to assist you.